BitlBee - IM for IRC addicted

For IRC-addicted people some guys from The Netherlands wrote a gateway between IM servers and IRC client.
Using regular IRC client like irssi, mirc or even web based IRC client you can connect to you IM servers.
Its BitlBee (some tricks). The installation from package is very simple. Depends on your current OS configuration you run it from inetd or as a standalone IRC server (bitlbee -D - daemonised). After connection you register your nick (register unusual_password) and add account (account add protocol nick password server). Then log in account on. In troubles type help commands or account set 0, what lists all account options you can modify. For example after registration Jabber account:

account add jabber my.home.my.castle@gmail.com my-strong-password talk.google.com:5223:ssl

I had a problem with password, so its possible to change it:

account set 0/password another-strong-password

Remember, password on the list will always be empty, it means you will always see password is empty even if it is not :-)

Connect using your IRC client and voila.

Some tips for myself for future reference:

IRC commands

+/-v - voice, can speak even if channel is moderated
/away message
/me message
/msg message
/query <nick> - starts private 'room', /query standalone closes.


<Ctrl+X> in server window swaps servers
<Esc> <N> switches to window N (usually you can use <Alt+N>, but gnome-terminal hooks this keystroke and changes tab)
/server /disconnect /connect - server connections management

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