Developer on-line tools

When I started develop my small amateur apps, I was looking for a convenient on-line place for the code. Some kind of CVS. I found:

  1. DevjaVu

  2. Google Code

  3. Assembla

  4. Code Spaces

  5. Unfunddle

  6. Beanstalk

Some services promises many, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. The big mistake I made was Launchpad. It took a while since I understood what is it and how to deal with it.

After small consideration I narrowed list to Google Code and Unfuddle and finally chose Google Code: I had an account, I knew their idea, I was familiar with the light blue interface.

Now I try to utilize the SVN as much, as I can. Tickets, milestones, tasks and so on. Great tool for it is Trac (my instance of Trac is here. Its a quite good tool and very similar to Google Code tools, but has different approach. Google is good for store Open Source projects, has much bigger capability to serve code to wide audience, while Trac is more flexible and customisable, and can be completely private.

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