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If you'd like to be a startUp, lets look at two interesting services which you'll see quite large in the near future. I talk about swicki and edgeio. They aren't big companies with a lot of money, but they have something new to offer for web surfers.
Swicki created something between Google general search engine and Web directory. You create a set of keywords. Their font size in a box on your web site is related to popularity of the keyword. The idea is known from many services. It is related to mind cloud, I think. Then you have to add a list of web sites in which user keyword is searched. You can add blogs (in general) to the list, but I don't recommend it - results list gets a lot of junk. At the end Swicki generates a piece of JavaScript you can paste on your web site, just like TechCruch (or me) did it.
If people find your web site valuable enough to place there something for sell, you can start to sell the space! Edgeio creates a mechanism for placing ads on your web site for money. Here is simple example: Techcrunch Board. The way of money is:
1. you show the price (you can distribute coupon codes)
2. somebody place an ad/offer paying to edgeio
3. you show the ad
4. edgeio pays you (by PayPal)
Simple? But effective :-)
Google is thinking about customising search results in that way. They already created a service for customising search results preferences. It is quite advanced.

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