GIMP tutorials list

It isn't peace of cake to find good GIMP tutorial on YouTube. That's why I try to list here some of them. Tutorials listed here are or good as a step-by-step prescription for some tasks, or can be inspirational for you.

  • Makeover (score 2of5) - good quick how-to use different tools to mask defects (digital maquillage)

  • Superfast makeover (score 3of5) - as often, more impressions then tuition, but if you pause every 5 seconds, you can find what tricks he is using. Much better then average.

If you find a tutorial on YouTube, please remember, that 90% of the material is amateur, without polishing final effects. For example, many tutorials about changing hair colour don't mask sharp borders. But it isn't though to take eraser (<Ctrl+E>) with opacity 50% and soft edges.

Nice GIMPing.

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