New day - new life

Some hard work on my old computer (AMD 1.4GHz, 512MB RAM, ATI 9250, Ubuntu 7.10) guided me to the console. Now I'm posting from links (actually elinks, with SSL support). On the second console is mutt, then another mutt connected to company server, another links and finally ready to use command prompt, in case I'd like to check Ubuntu version or multiply 2 by 2.
Finger triggering AVI is not a joke. mplayer rules.
Recent thoughts about increasing size of Google overlapped with problems with managing Gmail messages thru imapfilter. I googled for solution, but I think nobody is using imapfilter to manage Gmail. They have rich web interface and POP3/IMAP interface for Outlook or Thunderbird. Who needs anything more? OK, no more tears. Be strong. Lets find another IMAP free mail account. Google knows enough about me. Including credit card number.
The next step is to check what irssi can do and how long tuition I need to post the first sentence on #postfix/#bash/#whatever.

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