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Today tasks:
  • BBC, Beckam resigns as captain of England
  • Change Management from Google search
  • Google Maps exercises
  • Idea: complete TWiki document about preparing monthly cpreports.
  • Frailty cake versus casein and other wet cakes.
  • What question I forget to send?
  • Is the WinPT project inactive?
  • GG contacts removed from Jabber roster still can see my description.
After many months of silence I have got a new project: Change Management. The subject is clear but it is hard to force myself to work. The first step, as usually, is to enter some words on Google. In response you find, that IBM has something to tell. The other topics derived from many "consulting" sites. It is not easy to get out tailings and find really valuable sites. May be you have found, that I do not even consider non Internet sources ;-)


After yesterday's talk a have a week of nervous.


Do you remember the joke about Stanisław and Jola? ;-)

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